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Epic Penguin Studios is new, revolutionary game studio that seeks to break the monotony of the current massively multiplayer online genre.

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  • new page Leveling
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    New page: Combat Equations: Calculating Damage, Defense, Defelect, Etc. A combat skill refers to a characters proficiency in combat with other characters as...
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  • new page Skill Tree
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    New page: Basic Gathering Skills: Their are 5 main skills related to gathering resources and preparing them for item fabrication: Mining: Mining requires the...
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    Hi, welcome to {{SITENAME}}! Thanks for your edit to the Epic Penguin Wiki pag... 

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    Edited the section: Overview
  • new page House
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    New page: Contents 1 The Great Houses 2 The World as it is now 3 House Strastis 4 House Banatir 5 House Ardan 6 House Ridys 7 House Lusturod The Great...
    Added photo:
  • edit Crafting Guild
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  • new page Crafting Guild
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    New page: Crafting GuildsEdit Coming Soon! Crafting MaterialsEdit Metals/Ores Iron – Standard Ore Steel – Refined from Iron High Carbon Steel - Ultra...
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  • new page Category:Map Background
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    New page: One Main Island Surrounded by 3 Smaller islands. The main island in the middle will be broken into 6 sections. The 3 smaller islands are for our PVP...

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