The Great HousesEdit

After the fall of the Empire, wars racked the lands. Many Imperial Houses, great and small, were lost forever in the struggle. Five Houses have risen to the prominence of late, either by absorbing the fallen houses about them or by brute force.

The World as it is nowEdit


House StrastisEdit

  • Sigil: The Hawk
  • Location: The Long Hills and Red Mountains
  • Citadel: The Five Spires

House BanatirEdit

  • Sigil: The Bear
  • Location: The Frozen Tundra
  • Citadel: The Great Chasm of (name)

House ArdanEdit

  • Sigil: The Elephant
  • Location: The Great Desert
  • Citadel: Citadel Mesa

House RidysEdit

  • Sigil: The Tiger
  • Location: The Jungle
  • Citadel: The (name) Keep

House LusturodEdit

  • Sigil: The Serpent
  • Location: The Marshes
  • Citadel: The Floating Fortress of (name)